ILLiad Configuration & Requirements


The CaiaSoft™ / ILLiad integration is a two-way connection using API keys. When a requested is moved into a monitored queue in ILLiad, a call is made to the Caiasoft™ REST API (/circrequests) and the item is placed on a job for processing. Upon the item's retrieval and subsequent refile, the ILLiad queues are updated automatically via calls from CaiaSoft™ to the ILLiad API.

CaiaSoft™ /ILLiad API Integration - Building a Request

CaiaSoft™ /ILLiad API Integration - Queue Utilization

ILLiad Configuration

Follow the directions for the installation the ILLiad Addon.
The following information will need to be provided to them:

  • Your CaiaSoft™ URL (
  • An API key for authentication of the ILLiad → CaiaSoft™ connection (see External Links in the Admin Module)
  • The Illiad transaction field that contains the barcode of the material that should be requested via Caiasoft (Barcode Mapping)
  • The custom queue to monitor for requests (i.e. "Awaiting Offsite Request")
  • The custom queue to hold requests that have been sent to CaiaSoft™ and are awaiting processing (i.e. "Awaiting Offsite Delivery")
  • The queue that the request will be moved to if an error occurs during the offsite requesting process

CaiaSoft™ Configuration

Use the Administration Module, the API & External Links button to see view/edit all settings.
If your facility is using multiple ILLiad connections for different collections, contact CaiaSoft™ support to assist in the initial setup.

Required Fields for Setup

ILLiad URLstringThe ILLiad API URL
API Key (ILLiad ← CaiaSoft™)stringThe API Key for authenticating to the ILLiad API
Check OUT move to QueuestringQueue name an item will be moved to in ILLiad when the item has been retrieved in CaiaSoft™In Transit from Annex
Check IN move to Queueint, string or BARCODEWhere applicable (non-DocDel/ERT retrievals), queue name an item will be moved to in ILLiad when the item has been refiled in CaiaSoft™Request Finished
Error Queueint or stringThe queue that the request will be moved to if an error occurs during the offsite requesting process.
Note: processing errors ONLY - denied requests will be listed on the CaiaSoft™job with denial reasons.
Barcode Mappingsingle/multipleChange to mulitple if there will (ever) be more than one barcode included in the request field in ILLiad, which will result in multiple items being retrievedMultiple barcodes with space delimiter
Barcode Missing/Not Found Actiondeny/searchAction taken by CaiaSoft™ if no barcode is sent in the ILLiad request. Set to "deny" to automatically deny the request. Set to "search" to allow a CaiaSoft™ user to utilize the title, call number, etc on the ILLiad request to search for the item using the Union Holdings module.
Circulation Stop Mappinginformation setCirculation Stop list for ILL. Translation of ILLiad transaction fields into Caiasoft™ Circulation Stops, if necessary.When Process Type = "Lending", Request Type = "Loan" & Item Info 4 = "Main", then Circulation Stop = "MAINLIB"

Additional Information

See Admin Module Setup for information on the API & External Links section, and configuring Email Alerts for item denials and fulfillment.

The following webinar was recorded in 2020 and available to view:
ILLiad and Caiasoft: Integrating Resource Sharing and Offsite Storage