ALEPH Configuration & Requirements

Description - Pertaining to Circulation Functions Only

The CaiaSoft™ / ALEPH integration can be a two-way connection using API the Caiasoft™ API and the ALEPH NCIP server. Requests can be sent from ALEPH in file format (XML or text file) to the CaiaSoft™ API (/requestfile). Upon the item's retrieval and subsequent refile, Caiasoft™ can send to the Check Out Item (or Check In Item) service on the client's ALEPH NCIP server to update the item status.

CaiaSoft™ /ALEPH Integration Workflow

ALEPH Configuration

  • Your CaiaSoft™ URL (
  • An API key for use of the CaiaSoft™ REST API (see External Links in the Admin Module)
  • In order to utilize the automatic item status updates in ALEPH, an NCIP server must be installed.

CaiaSoft™ Configuration

ALEPH → CaiaSoft ™ Request Files
Prior to sending a request file, the format must be registered in the Administration Module, the File Format button. If sending in XML, a sample file should be sent to Caiasoft™ support for validation.

ALEPH ← CaiaSoft ™ Status Updates

Use the Administration Module, the API & External Links button to see view/edit all settings.
If your facility is using multiple ALEPH connections for different collections, contact CaiaSoft™ support to assist in the initial setup.

Required Fields for NCIP Setup

ALEPH URL & PortstringThe ALEPH NCIP Server URL & Port. Please contact CaiaSoft™ support if there are any firewall issues to be solved prior to use.
FROM Unique Agency IDstringTo be used in the CAIAAGENCY field in the XML examples below, in both Check Out and Check In.
TO Unique Agency IDstringTo be used in the CLIENTAGENCY field in the XML examples below, in both Check Out and Check In.
Application Profile TypestringTo be used in the CAIAPROFILE field in the XML examples below, Check In only.
User IDstringTo be used in the CAIAUSER field in the XML examples below, Check Out only.
Multiple User IDs for different Circulation Stops is permitted if applicable.

Check Out Example:
Check Out Example Image

Check In Example:
Check In Example Image

Additional Information

See Admin Module Setup for information on File Format registration, the API & External Links section, and configuring Email Alerts for item denials and fulfillment.