Voyager Configuration & Requirements

The CaiaSoft™ / Voyager integration is a one-way connection in which information or request files from Voyager can be sent to the CaiaSoft™ API using the file payload capability (/attributefile, /incomingfile, /requestfile). These files can be used to fill incoming accession streams, bibliographic information post-accession or requests to retreive items. In the production of files of bibliographic information post-accession, the CaiaSoft™ API can be used to obtain a list of items accessed (/accessionlist) or an End of Day process file can be delivered via download or SFTP.

Voyager/Caiasoft™ Configuration

Using a sample of any files that are produced from Voyager, use the File Format section of CaiaSoft™ to register the anticipated file information. Multiple file layouts are supported for all functions, and not one standard is necessary for all files. See Admin Module Setup for information on File Format registration, the API & External Links section, and configuring Email Alerts for item denials and fulfillment.

If End of Day files are needed, please contact CaiaSoft™ with any specific formating necessary. End of Days files are typically downloadable, if alternative delivery is necessary (SFTP, etc), that can be setup when details are sent to support.