FOLIO Configuration & Requirements

The CaiaSoft™ / FOLIO integration is currently being developed. It will be a two-way connection from Caiasoft™ connection between Caiasoft™ and FOLIO. For items accessed, CaiaSoft™ will utilize the FOLIO APIs to retrieve attributes (title, author, volume, call number, etc) of each item, and subsequently update the item's location in FOLIO to reflect the accession into storage. When a request is made in FOLIO, a call will be made to the Caiasoft™ REST API (/circrequests) and the item is placed on a job for processing. Upon the item's retrieval and subsequent refile, FOLIO will be updated automatically via calls from CaiaSoft™ to the FOLIO API.

To monitor this development, reference the FOLIO wiki page on CaiaSoft™ Managed Remote Storage, which includes a workflow diagram

FOLIO Configuration

CaiaSoft™ Configuration

Use the Administration Module, the API & External Links button to see view/edit all settings.
If your facility is using multiple FOLIO connections for different collections, contact CaiaSoft™ support to assist in the initial setup.

Required Fields for Setup

FOLIO URLstringThe FOLIO API URL, which should contain the registryID of the institution's data

Additional Information

See Admin Module Setup for information on File Format registration, the API & External Links section, and configuring Email Alerts for item denials and fulfillment.