ALMA & CaiaSoft™ Circulation


The CaiaSoft™ / ALMA integration for circulation is two-way connection between Caiasoft™ and ALMA, that utilizes the ALMA Remote Storage & NCIP Integration.XML formatted request files are scheduled and sent via SFTP. Once processed, retrieval and refile notifications are sent via NCIP to ALMA, updating the item status automatically.

CaiaSoft™ /ALMA Integration Workflow

ALMA Configuration

Please contact CaiaSoft™ support, for an SFTP login used in setting up ALMA's XML-based integration with Remote Storage Facility

Note: ALMA IPs addresses are whitelisted on the CaiaSoft™ SFTP server - SFTP credentials will not authenticate from elsewhere without registering IPs with support.

CaiaSoft™ Configuration

Use the Administration Module, the API & External Links button to see view/edit all settings.
If your facility is using multiple ALMA connections for different collections, contact CaiaSoft™ support to assist in the initial setup.

Required Fields for Setup

Integration Profile NamestringThe CaiaSoft™ designated profile created in the Edit Remote Storage Facility section of ALMA
Agency IDstringCaiaSoft™ Agency ID created in ALMA
Circulation Desk for Annexstring or arrayCirculation Desk to be used in the OnBehalfOfAgency NCIP Check In messages

NCIP Check In and Check Out messages are formatted accoring to the Remote Storage specifications from ALMA.

Additional Information

For bib-level holds, it is possible to format a picklist and print it into a CaiaSoft™ notification. Contact CaiaSoft™ for more details.

See Admin Module Setup for information on File Format registration, the API & External Links section, and configuring Email Alerts for item denials and fulfillment.