Details:  Item Attribute Update - JSON sent to URL to process bibliographic information updates on one or more items in a single post
Note: items will only be updated if information sent does not match info on file. Blank values will not be updated (empty title value will not overwrite existing title on file).

URL:  https://yourlibrary.caiasoft.com/api/itemupdates/v1


Content-Type:  application/json

Authorization Required:  

X-API-KeystringYessend in header

Parameters:  JSON Formatted in the following format:
“name”:”value” (see table below)

barcodealphanumeric stringYesItem Barcode
titlealphanumeric stringNo
authoralphanumeric stringNo
volumealphanumeric stringNo
call_numberalphanumeric stringNo
collectionalphanumeric stringNoMust match collection code in system, or bibliographic location listed on collection code detail (for translation)
materialalphanumeric stringNoMust match material type in system, or bibliographic material type listed on material type detail (for translation)
oclcalphanumeric stringNo
issnalphanumeric stringNo
isbnalphanumeric stringNo
editionalphanumeric stringNo
copy_numberalphanumeric stringNo
pagesalphanumeric stringNo
publisheralphanumeric stringNo
pub_placealphanumeric stringNo
pub_yearalphanumeric stringNo
physical_descalphanumeric stringNo
formatalphanumeric stringNo
packagingalphanumeric stringNo
conditionalphanumeric stringNo
shared_contribalphanumeric stringNoShared Print Contributor
item_typealphanumeric stringNo
bib_locationalphanumeric stringNo
bib_item_statusalphanumeric stringNo
bib_item_codealphanumeric stringNo
bib_levelalphanumeric stringNo
bib_item_idalphanumeric stringNo
bib_record_nbralphanumeric stringNo

Return Response:  
{“success”:”true/false”, “error”:”string”, “total_count”:”int”, “updated_count”:”int”, "errors":[ { “name”:”value” (see results-> section of table below) }], "warnings":[ { “name”:”value” (see results-> section of table below) } ]}

errorstringAPI format/key errors only. Will only be filled in when success = false
total_countinteNumber of items received to update
updated_countintNumber of items updated
errors->barcodestringItem Barcode w/Error
errors->error_descstringError Description – note this will not include items that had no info changes/no update needed
warnings->barcodestringItem Barcode with Warning
warnings->warningstringWarning Detail

To update a field with a null value in order to clear the field, send the term "CLEARFIELD*" as the field value.

  • "title" : "" or "title" : null -- will NOT prompt a change in the field.
  • "title" : "CLEARFIELD*" -- will empty the field and record the change from previous value to empty

API Call & JSON:

{ "barcode":"33433015998425", "title":"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone" }, { "barcode":"31234888023075", "call_number":"R34.53", } ]}

API Return:

{"success":true,"error":"","total_count":"2","updated_count":"1","errors":[{"item":"31234888023075","reason":"Item Not Found"}]}